AVI File Format (example)

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Technical information

FourCC code: AVI
C/C++ Literal: 'AVI '
Hex Dump: 41 56 49 20
Big Endian: 0x41564920 (1096173856)
Little Endian: 0x20495641 (541677121)


This object is only included as an example.
Please delete this object once your database goes online.

Alternative Identifiers

OIDplus Information Object OID: oid:
Name based version 3 / MD5 UUID with namespace UUID_NAMEBASED_NS_OidPlusMisc: guid:0df85031-f522-3706-885e-9a05af9518a0
Name based version 5 / SHA1 UUID with namespace UUID_NAMEBASED_NS_OidPlusMisc: guid:9789e8bc-9d02-5c73-ba9b-407788c7e9d7
OIDplus Information Object Application Identifier (ISO/IEC 7816): aid:D276000186B200056E932DD778D57B97 (No PIX allowed)


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