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D 276


D276         ISO/IEC 7816 Application Identifier (AID)
             > D2:76 <
D276______   Registered Application Provider Identifier (RID)
D            Category D: Local/National registration
 276         ISO/IEC 3166-1 Numeric Country code : 276 (Germany)
    ______   Assigned number, BCD recommended (missing)
Proprietary application identifier extension (PIX) missing


This RID prefix is only included as an example.
Please delete this object once your database goes online.

Subordinate objects

ID RA Comment Created Updated
D 276 000022 2022-07-29 2022-07-29

Alternative Identifiers

OIDplus Information Object OID: oid:
Name based version 3 / MD5 UUID with namespace UUID_NAMEBASED_NS_OidPlusMisc: guid:33a2d56b-f22c-3bcc-b3a7-3902e7d54dab
Name based version 5 / SHA1 UUID with namespace UUID_NAMEBASED_NS_OidPlusMisc: guid:4b2ce2bb-9dcc-5bb8-a173-60eff2a4d4ed


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