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Technical information

Dot notation:
ASN.1 notation: { iso(1) identified-organization(3) dod(6) internet(1) private(4) enterprise(1) 37476 specifications(3) fileformat(1) }
OID-IRI notation: /ISO/Identified-Organization/6/1/4/1/37476/Specifications/FileFormat


Definition in the Assignment Advisory:

Definition of generic (non product specific) data structures which are encoded into files.

Registration Authority

Daniel Marschall

Subsequent objects

ID ASN.1 IDs (comma sep.) IRI IDs (comma sep.) RA Comment Created Updated
5 oid-illegality-rules ViaThinkSoft 2018-09-21
6 vmd ViaThinkSoft 2019-09-22 2019-09-22
7 fileformats ViaThinkSoft 2020-02-24 2020-02-24

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Alternative Identifiers

Name based version 3 / MD5 UUID with namespace UUID_NAMEBASED_NS_OidPlusMisc guid:e9e734c5-a44d-325d-82fe-828081bbcf27
Name based version 5 / SHA1 UUID with namespace UUID_NAMEBASED_NS_OidPlusMisc guid:2c6f9765-07f3-5884-81d7-1ebf5c09775c
Name based version 3 / MD5 UUID with namespace UUID_NAMEBASED_NS_OID guid:0083cde2-0cde-3374-9ebd-3993cc3dbae1
Name based version 5 / SHA1 UUID with namespace UUID_NAMEBASED_NS_OID guid:295f9e77-dbbf-5eec-b3c6-cc08650cb633


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