ViaThinkSoft OIDplus 2.0
ViaThinkSoft Registration Authority
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oid: icon Object Identifier (OID)
guid: icon Globally Unique Identifier (GUID)
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ipv6: icon IPv6 Network Blocks
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oidplus:documents$doc/$d0f09d32320cc71896809b62c177ccb5d53b770954450db312d05a039883bb5c60fa1728910f3812934c0f0407e554b640197ab5b95b538fb0730c5eb5029dd9 icon Documents
oidplus:links$links/$245eda5be9dc372e2ba78bc98a2262a917a6c4f4b7c0a5e7b23b8a49dfd593ba4d3c99742b04c0687c22f764c4a391a7f3376492627718799ca7c2af67536f22 icon External resources
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ViaThinkSoft Registration Authority ViaThinkSoft Registration Authority

Welcome to OIDplus 2.0

OIDplus is an OpenSource database by ViaThinkSoft that can be used by Registration Authorities to manage their objects, like Object Identifiers (OIDs) or Globally Unique Identifiers (GUIDs) and much more.

This system is configured to manage following object types:

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