Instances of OIDplus 2.0 systems

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Technische Informationen

ASN.1-Notation: { iso(1) identified-organization(3) dod(6) internet(1) private(4) enterprise(1) 37476 oidplus(30) instances(9) }
OID-IRI-Notation: /ISO/Identified-Organization/6/1/4/1/37476/OIDplus/Instances
WEID-Notation: weid:pen:SX0-U-9-6
DER-Kodierung: 06:0A:2B:06:01:04:01:82:A4:64:1E:09


This arc contains a directory of all OIDplus 2.x systems world-wide. Administrators can choose if they want to register their OIDplus instance to ViaThinkSoft, so that it gets published in this directory. Even if they do not register their instance, they will still own an arc under this OID that is assigned to their instance.

Every OIDplus 2.x instance generates a RSA public/private key pair that is used for various purposes and that should be unique.

The first-level children of this OID is the System-ID which is calculated using the lower 31 bits of a the SHA1 checksum of the public RSA key.

The second-level children of this OID are objects (in the format "{namespace}:{identifier}" for official ViaThinkSoft object types and the format "{plugin oid}:{identifier}" for third-party object types) that are managed by this system. Their numeric value is the same 31-bit checksum algorithm that is used for the system ID.

Annotation: Since many OID implementations are limited in their maximum arc size, ViaThinkSoft has chosen to implement this 31 bit hash algorithm instead of using UUIDs.


Daniel Marschall

Untergeordnete Objekte

ID Base36 ASN.1 IDs (kommagetrennt) IRI IDs (Kommagetrennt) RA Kommentar Erstellt Geändert
6175446 3OD06 2019-04-05 2023-03-27
211014765 3HMS19 2022-04-20 2023-03-27
649214227 AQIWWJ 2022-10-15 2023-03-27
1115203052 IFYO6K 2022-10-25 2023-03-27
1200619210 JUTFPM 2022-04-20 2023-03-27
1494410075 OPQE6Z 2020-08-07 2023-03-25
1855139287 UOI2MV 2019-04-06 2023-03-27

Alternative Bezeichner

OIDplus Information Object Anwendungsbezeichner (ISO/IEC 7816): aid:D276000186B20005005E3AD65E3C19F3 (Keine PIX erlaubt)
Namensbasierte Version 3 / MD5 UUID mit Namensraum UUID_NAMEBASED_NS_OID: guid:619e8b58-5efd-3f22-9541-acb5b3944f5e
Namensbasierte Version 5 / SHA1 UUID mit Namensraum UUID_NAMEBASED_NS_OID: guid:934b1bec-bd04-5158-b02e-e499758435e0
Anwendungsbezeichner (ISO/IEC 7816): aid:D276000186F62B0601040182A4641E09 (Keine PIX erlaubt)


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oidplus:system | System
oid: | Objekt-Bezeichner (OID)
     oid: | -- ViaThinkSoft OIDplus
          oid: | -- Instances of OIDplus 2.0 systems
               oid: | -- ViaThinkSoft Registration Authority
               oid: | -- Oxiame / R. Dubois Registration Authority
               oid: | -- Open Physical OID Repository
               oid: | -- TsingYao OID Registration Authority
               oid: | -- HickelSOFT Registration Authority
               oid: | -- Frdlweb Registration Authority & Webfan Registry
               oid: | -- Demo Registration Authority
guid: | Globally Unique Identifier (GUID)
ipv4: | IPv4-Netzwerk-Blöcke
ipv6: | IPv6-Netzwerk-Blöcke
domain: | Domain-Namen
fourcc: | Vier-Zeichen-Code (FourCC)
aid: | Anwendungsbezeichner (ISO/IEC 7816)
oidplus:login | Anmelden
oidplus:whois | OID-IP / WHOIS
oidplus:com.viathinksoft.freeoid | Kostenlose OID registrieren
oidplus:search | Suche
oidplus:resources | Dokumente und Ressourcen
oidplus:contact | Administrator kontaktieren