ViaThinkSoft MultiDump Formats

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Technical information

Dot notation:
ASN.1 notation: { iso(1) identified-organization(3) dod(6) internet(1) private(4) enterprise(1) 37476 specifications(3) fileformat(1) vmd(6) }
OID-IRI notation: /ISO/Identified-Organization/6/1/4/1/37476/Specifications/FileFormat/6
WEID notation: weid:pen:SX0-3-1-6-1


ViaThinkSoft MultiDump Formats

Registration Authority

Daniel Marschall

Subsequent objects

ID Base36 ASN.1 IDs (comma sep.) IRI IDs (comma sep.) RA Comment Created Updated
2011 1JV ViaThinkSoft 2019-09-22 2019-09-22
2019 1K3 ViaThinkSoft 2019-09-22 2019-09-22

Alternative Identifiers

Name based version 3 / MD5 UUID with namespace UUID_NAMEBASED_NS_OidPlusMisc guid:089500e6-8849-3fe5-b887-a606c93054c7
Name based version 5 / SHA1 UUID with namespace UUID_NAMEBASED_NS_OidPlusMisc guid:1514ff8c-88c4-5686-a2fc-2db59ad7e617
Name based version 3 / MD5 UUID with namespace UUID_NAMEBASED_NS_OID guid:08f34375-a08b-303b-a3cc-e6e23985fd9b
Name based version 5 / SHA1 UUID with namespace UUID_NAMEBASED_NS_OID guid:ff648c87-ea29-5ace-90c9-e1d01aa037d5


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