ViaThinkSoft OIDplus 2.0
ViaThinkSoft Registration Authority
System icon System
oid icon Object Identifier (OID)
doi icon Digital Object Identifier (DOI)
java icon Java Package Names
guid icon Globally Unique Identifier (GUID)
ipv4 icon IPv4 Network Blocks
ipv6 icon IPv6 Network Blocks
gs1 icon GS1 Based IDs (GLN/GTIN/SSCC/...)
other icon Other objects
oidplus:com.viathinksoft.freeoid icon Register a free OID
oidplus:contact icon Contact sysadmin

ViaThinkSoft Registration Authority ViaThinkSoft Registration Authority

About OIDplus 2.0

OIDplus is an OpenSource database by ViaThinkSoft that can be used by Registration Authorities to manage their objects, like Object Identifiers (OIDs) or Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) and much more.

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With the web based whois service, you can query object information in a machine readable format.

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